Public RFCs

STAGE Request for Comment (RFC) Process

The STAGE RFC Process is modeled after industry RFC processes and includes three basic steps:

  1. Team-DRAFT: Google document drafted by & shared amongst the submitting team 
  2. STAGE-DRAFT: Google document shared with the STAGE Consortium for comment and iteration
  3. STAGE-RFC: the final Google document posted for optional comment (but not alteration) from the Consortium

STAGE Consortium members have approved the use of an RFC process to facilitate consensus, discussions, dissemination of information, key decisions, and solutions. 

Some STAGE RFCs are appropriate for sharing beyond the STAGE Consortium and may benefit from more public review and comment. These RFCs will be shared on the public portion of the DataSTAGE website. Public review and comment is at the discretion of the team, the RFC, and the STAGE Coordinating Center.