STAGE Infographic Landscape

The DataSTAGE (Storage, Toolspace, Access and analytics for biG data Empowerment) project aims to create a community of practice that is motivated to collaboratively solve technical challenges to enable NHLBI investigators to find, access, share, store, cross-link, and compute on large-scale data sets. Though the primary goal of the DataSTAGE Consortium is to build a data science platform, at its core this is a people-centric endeavor.

The relationship between DataSTAGE (Storage, Toolspace, Access and analytics for biG data Empowerment) and the Data Commons Pilot Phase Consortium (DCPPC) is quite straightforward:

DataSTAGE is meant to be one (early) instance of the Data Commons, particularized for the purposes of NHLBI. These are two separate, but related projects, meant to be mutually beneficial.

There are expectations that the DCPPC and DataSTAGE will each cross-inform the other project of significant processes, emerging standards, and decisions using an RFC process that has been described here (access to link requires membership in the DCPPC organization on GitHub).  

This should permit loose coupling, and yet parallel progress, in order to reap the benefits of both of these two efforts.


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