BDCatalyst-RFC-3: Data Harmonization Working Group Workshop Report

The Data Harmonization Working Group's Workshop in March of 2019 at the BDCatalyst face to face meeting was both a critical and successful event. For the first time, the different groups within BDCatalyst that have been working on the data in different ways came together to define key functional goals, to plan technical integration of different data, and to create pivotal synergies that will help realize the vision for BDCatalyst. Key goals included: data model harmonization; data harmonization and developing new strategies for both retrospective and prospective CDE/phenotype harmonization; BDCatalyst functional requirements, with a specific focus on semantic integration and technologies for search and discovery; and the use of these foundations for the instantiation of an AI-driven user narrative, that will be submitted via the standard procedure. This document is meant to communicate the results of the workshop to all stakeholders. Further refinement of the requirements and action items will take place in a standard software development environment such as GitHub.